Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis | Allie Sherlock cover

29 июн 2021
191 050 Просмотров

I have such an amazing time when I perform with these amazing musicians: The 3 Busketeers.
This song is "Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis" and is such an emotional song.

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  • Absolutely amazing! ❤️

    Jan-Bagpuss HJan-Bagpuss H11 часов назад
  • I love her Voice❤️

    Maxiie LingMaxiie Ling16 часов назад

    Naomi Joy BernabeNaomi Joy Bernabe2 дня назад
  • Allie, I agree, The 3 B's are amazing! And I think you sing better with them. Keep it up!

    Randall IgnaceRandall Ignace3 дня назад
  • ALLIE please Sing Mariah Carey

    ' FANTASIE '' FANTASIE '4 дня назад
  • Record contract and all the rest for this amazing young woman! She needs to be touring when she can!!

    ktxmonger375ktxmonger3754 дня назад
  • Lyrics left! 💔

    Kharll YosefKharll Yosef6 дней назад
  • I got goosebumps listening to this.

    m1ndm1nd8 дней назад
  • You have a great talent Allie showing your uniqueness! ❤️

    Michelle palmaMichelle palma9 дней назад
  • Beautiful voice but range is her biggest weakness. Need to broaden you vocal horizon.

    Zack Wallon DrumsZack Wallon Drums9 дней назад
  • My favorite song ♥️

    #⫷*K-S*⫸##⫷*K-S*⫸#11 дней назад
  • Wow and what a view with that voice!She's so Beautiful this girl is🥰

    Zairah EhairaZairah Ehaira12 дней назад
  • Your voice made me cry ❤️❤️❤️ Keep going

    Doha NebbaraDoha Nebbara13 дней назад
  • Has she got something stuck in her throat

    JamesTyler212JamesTyler21213 дней назад
  • Heyy, I'm from Brazil! You're AMAZING!!!!❤️❤️❤️Loving this!!

    Leila M BarbozaLeila M Barboza14 дней назад
  • What is the name of this beautiful young girl with a beautiful angelic voice is wonderful🥰⚘❤🥇🏆🥇

    Piotr KudziaPiotr Kudzia15 дней назад
  • Love❤😘 love❤😘 love you Allie 😘😘😘im ur newly subscriber here Filipina from Egypt🇪🇬 🌹🌹🌹

    Mavic AndolMavic Andol17 дней назад
  • Insanely talented

    Matt SaxtonMatt Saxton18 дней назад
  • The guitarist in left side ?

    Usefull IMOUsefull IMO18 дней назад
  • Thanks for da beautiful voice

    Adnan SteadyAdnan Steady18 дней назад
  • beauty ❤️

    ev_elinaev_elina18 дней назад
  • Hi girl... very good.... unique voice and sound... keep posting!!!

    Chris SteevensChris Steevens19 дней назад
  • Lovely song «3

    Dragam BaldawiDragam Baldawi19 дней назад
  • Awesome cover! Allie's getting thicc :)

    GabrielGabriel20 дней назад
  • why dont u make ur own music?

    jo manjo man21 день назад
  • Wow nice where to buy your cd

    Bernard ChuBernard Chu22 дня назад
  • Love the singing, as always: such a unique sound & beautiful chemistry with others. HOWEVE!! Allie needs to start memorizing the lyrics more and not almost constantly looking to her iphone or whatever. I might get hung out to dry by many of her fans (& I count myself as one), but the facts are the facts. Eye contact with those watching can't be a bad thing for her musical dreams.

    Glenn RothkirchGlenn Rothkirch22 дня назад
  • Hi Allie did you think about singing one of scorpion wind of change thought you mite like that.

    crane lcrane l22 дня назад
  • I love your voice it’s amazing and you always get the right tune like what??? Your voice always makes my day, stay like this and one day you’ll be the BEST singer❤️❤️❤️

    Natalia’s JourneyNatalia’s Journey23 дня назад
  • Wtf Ur amazing!

    Yasser HanifYasser Hanif23 дня назад
  • Whats the deal with her ? Will she be always be a ordinary streetsinger ..where is the big contract that she deserves ?? I remember a few years ago she was working with the singer of one replublic.. diddnt work out or what ? Maybe its her choice to do this and shes happy but she can be bigger than this no ? But a can not imagine a artist is happy with only some RUfun videos is there not one music label that believes in her ? Or is she a artist thats good but not that good enough for the big public.. for the critics im just asking these things cuz im very interesting about it , hit me up with tje answers

    Jackson89Jackson8923 дня назад
  • superb :)

    SNS RazorbladeSNS Razorblade24 дня назад
  • Ahhh please do traitor by Olivia Rodrigo! 🙂

    Maddison CleverleyMaddison Cleverley24 дня назад
  • Esta música realmente me encantó no canso de escucharla felicitaciones a esta hermosa joven desde Urugay los deseos de muchos ÉXCITOS

    Ramon walter Da RosaRamon walter Da Rosa24 дня назад
  • WOW..incredible vocals! I wonder what those dysfunctional, angry, jealous, school bullies are thinking now?

    James PeckJames Peck24 дня назад
  • I'd like to know the camera model.

    design nowdesign now24 дня назад
  • Awesome

    Robert SteeleRobert Steele24 дня назад
  • Perfect performance, very well done 👍👏🎶👌

    werner maverickwerner maverick25 дней назад
  • Majestic

    Trevor DuffyTrevor Duffy25 дней назад
  • That was really nice, beautifully done. Nice song excellent choice.

    Jessie GossJessie Goss25 дней назад
  • Wow Allie! That was a blinding performance, one of your best. I loved it.

    Derrick BirdDerrick Bird25 дней назад
  • I'm your no.1 fans in terms of music

    Emil Jominick Kalaw MarasiganEmil Jominick Kalaw Marasigan25 дней назад
  • Allie you are an angle🙂

    TheresaTheresa25 дней назад
  • Perfect 👍👍👍

    Vantea KhenglwtVantea Khenglwt25 дней назад
  • Wonderful!

    Cecilia SantosCecilia Santos25 дней назад
  • Wow, adding another dimension, God Bless , you phenom….

    Michael DiRomaMichael DiRoma25 дней назад
  • Allie sings so beautifully keep “Bleeding Love” Leona Lewis with #1 song! Ryan Tedder and Jesse McCartney wrote great song lyrics! Superb 3 Busketeers band music! ❤️🎤👩🏻❤️🧑🏻‍🦱🎸❤️🧔🏻🎸❤️🧔🏻🥁

    Chrissy BagwellChrissy Bagwell26 дней назад
  • Such a great cover Allie. Where is this beach?

    Karla GordonKarla Gordon26 дней назад
  • Gostaria de ouvir na sua voz - I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT - ROD STEWART.

    Gesmo FigueiredoGesmo Figueiredo26 дней назад
  • Very cool version..

    Jimmy JimmyJimmy Jimmy26 дней назад
  • Allie you really can sing .. thanks for sharing

    TonyTony26 дней назад
  • Have you tried singing the newspaper? It wold sound just as wonderful as everything else you sing!!!!

    Duke PetersonDuke Peterson26 дней назад
  • pls Bad Habits of Ed Sheeran

    Fabian Muñoz M.Fabian Muñoz M.26 дней назад
  • He voice is changing to a deeper tone. In a good way. Her voice is made for an Opera star if she wanted to be.

    Tom TorrellTom Torrell26 дней назад
  • Allie ... you are like good wine are better day by day

    Mauro RibeiroMauro Ribeiro26 дней назад
  • This is an exceptionally amazing performance … wow … I’ve watched several times back to back.

    Cheryl SmithCheryl Smith26 дней назад
  • good work.

    Media PoolMedia Pool26 дней назад
  • Well done, Allie and The 3 Busketeers!

    Daniel SalzerDaniel Salzer26 дней назад
  • Not bad

    Dave temprellDave temprell26 дней назад
  • W a w

    Manuel Mazo BecerraManuel Mazo Becerra27 дней назад
  • Love you Allie, great voice.

    Martin WestMartin West27 дней назад
  • Omg. She just killed it dam!

    Robert BradfordRobert Bradford27 дней назад
  • that is brilliant guys,. Classic wedding band material, just great vocals and music. Allie your voice is now amazing just incredible

    Only One MartOnly One Mart27 дней назад
  • This song is a perfect fit for her vocal. The best I've ever heard from her. If this wA her song she would shoot to stardom over night.

    Brody McCainBrody McCain27 дней назад
  • Absolutely fabulous- continues to go from strength to strength. Maith thu. Setting looks like the Malahide area, with Ireland’s Eye in the background.

    Eugene QuinnEugene Quinn27 дней назад

    John SwabyJohn Swaby27 дней назад
  • I jus discover you you and I’m in love !!!! Amazing voice

    Anthony SookooAnthony Sookoo27 дней назад
  • Allie you shine so bright even I can see your path to fulfillment with your music career

    jojo27 дней назад
  • The sweetest girl is now a woman! Attah idol Allie!

    Paul Hernan GamalindaPaul Hernan Gamalinda27 дней назад
  • Warum schreit Sie wieder so? Und diese 3 Scharlatane, das sind doch bestimmt Libanesen?

    Siegwart ScheweSiegwart Schewe27 дней назад

    AntonioAntonio27 дней назад
  • Thanks Allie great as always Love ya ❤️🙏

    Jessee HarrisJessee Harris27 дней назад
  • Love love love this! ✌ and 🎶 💘

    Sick Micks WorldSick Micks World27 дней назад
  • yap...😚

    Marwan UmarMarwan Umar27 дней назад
  • I don't like the originall version of this song, but I love her cover

    Sol Balisova i GarciaSol Balisova i Garcia27 дней назад
    • This is how I feel about a lot of the songs she's covered. Turns out the song wasn't the problem half the time, just the lame pop band that originally recorded it to be a radio hit.

      circle squarecircle square25 дней назад
  • Please Can you do Another love

    Lieke van leeuwenLieke van leeuwen27 дней назад
  • J'adore !!!

    thediaoul29thediaoul2927 дней назад
  • Hi Allie! Love from Philippines 😘❤️❤️❤️

    ailamarie ganzonailamarie ganzon27 дней назад
  • That was great Allie, your voice has such a great Range to sing this song and the band is great as always. Fox lake Joe

    Joe ZilkaJoe Zilka27 дней назад
  • Brilliant! Love how the camera doesn’t leave your face..intense💕

    SewManyThingsSewManyThings27 дней назад
  • Spectacular, hard to fathom you can rock up to a beach and sing like that, such an insane voice and talent.

    Set YevaSet Yeva27 дней назад
  • When will you start creating and singing your own songs? Love your voice.

    GP WhispererGP Whisperer27 дней назад
  • Better. glad to see her not busking & gimmicky going.... Always felt that she has amazing unique voice but she lacks control. Here she tries to focus more.

    martin bmartin b27 дней назад
  • Hi Allie. You and the band did a crazy awesome version of this song!!! great video! Thank you.

    Robert Troesch-Edam sask canadaRobert Troesch-Edam sask canada27 дней назад
  • Allie, your voice keeps getting better and better. You’re truly a great singer.❤️U

    Gary CollinsGary Collins27 дней назад
  • Omgoodness! ALLIE, GIRL, YOU GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS, all the way to the top of my head

    JoeyjlcJoeyjlc27 дней назад
  • Straight up one of my fave songs leonas vocals are sick But allie added her sparkle to it and made it platinum

    Billy YNWABilly YNWA27 дней назад
  • Allie phone reader 🥰

    Mick PolakMick Polak27 дней назад
  • Allie sang this song with all of her heart! This was so beautiful!! So good, Allie and buskteers! 🎸🎤🎶💖

    Bruno CôrteBruno Côrte28 дней назад
  • Awsome love it

    Felton SeiglerFelton Seigler28 дней назад
  • Brilliant rendition of the song supported by a brilliant band

    Paul KilburnPaul Kilburn28 дней назад
  • Try Country music :)

    sgray2052sgray205228 дней назад
  • Absolutely outstanding. I like this over the original!!!

    Old IndianOld Indian28 дней назад
  • 👍👍🤗🤗🌹🌹

    Karel PastikaKarel Pastika28 дней назад
  • Goooooooosebumps 🤍🤍💖💖

    DMDM28 дней назад
  • I L O V E. H E R ♥

    Steve BlakeSteve Blake28 дней назад
  • the other guitarist is not in the video lol.

    MissHitAllTheTimeMissHitAllTheTime28 дней назад
  • Your progress is ameizing!

    HiszponekHiszponek28 дней назад
  • wow

    banal pedantbanal pedant28 дней назад
  • Moment of pure magic

    AL MBAL MB28 дней назад